The Good and the Best in Website Navigation: Go For It & Enjoy the Difference

30 March2018

There are many things that should be avoided while designing the website navigation. While, there are several good things to consider in order to stay up to the current requirements of modern consumers.

Let’s go one by one through the things that have proved good, rather best in website navigation –

Fixed Navigation Bars – Sticky navigations that are locked in a place offer best accessibility as visitors could see it on that very place even if they jump on any internal page or scroll up or down throughout the website. User doesn’t have to go back up when he needs to use the bar again. This ensures easy accessibility, hence, offers wonderful user experience.

Using text-based links in navigation – Not using buttons or any graphics in the navigation helps search engines to recognize the text. Buttons are not friendly for search engines. They take a little longer time to load, mobile users face big trouble with them. Also, when you think of updating the design they need all that exercise of Photoshop, image creation, etc.

Right order of Menu – Most important items putting at the beginning and at the end of the navigation will make it a perfect navigation bar. Because, most psychology studies have reported that the rate of attention and retention are highest for the things placed at the beginning and at the end. So, consider placing links to ‘About Us’, ‘Products/ Services’, etc. pages at the beginning and to ‘Contact’ and ‘Purchase’ pages at the end to have an effective navigation.

Quicker Loading– Navigation bar puts huge effect on website’s loading time, which carries good importance when it comes to search engine rankings.

Including the emerging trends – Staying updated about the changing, but effective trends in navigation and implementing those updates helps in many ways. Since, it gives you the chance to be with the changing requirements of your target audience. However, while redesigning or optimizing the website, it’s recommended to go on doing gradual changes as visitors could get acquainted with the new experiences one by one.

All in all, what is important is to keep navigation up to the changing trends, yet simple. This list of good and best in navigation bar is going to make a huge difference for your website. So, enjoy that good difference.

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