Privacy Policy

Please take the time to review our privacy policy to gain detailed information on how we collect and use your data. Use our contact information if you have any questions.

Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) As It Applies To XHTMLCSSExpert Clients

XHMTLCSSExperts is very sensitive to how important our clients' data is to their businesses. That is why we offer this Nondisclosure Agreement to provide 100 percent protection for all of your data, information, and copyrighted materials. XHTMLCSSExpert keeps all client information confidential, and we do not sell, lease, or give out confidential client information to any third-party.

XHTMLCSSExpert will never contact your clients to further our business. However, we reserve the right to reveal any information that is required by any court or government agency in response to a direct order. We also reserve the right to reveal information as it pertains to any disputes between our clients and XHTMLCSSExpert. When we are required to reveal information by a court or government agency, we will only reveal the specific information requested.

Our Data Security Promise

XHTMLCSSExpert has utilized all necessary procedural, electronic, and managerial methods to protect client data, prevent unauthorized access to that data, and make sure that all data we are given in confidence is used as it was intended.

Our Data Security Methods

XHTMLCSSExpert use every modern encryption and data protection method to maintain the privacy of our clients and the security of their information. We use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the most comprehensive security offered today. The HTTPS at the beginning of our URL and the padlock in the address bar indicate that your information is completely protected.

The Information We Gather

Through our various product and information collection pages, XHTMLCSSExpert collects information such as:

  • Cookie information to determine websites that refer traffic to our site Client email addresses
  • Any information concerning client project needs and guidelines
  • Origin IP address information to protect against potential fraud
  • Proprietary client information such as project instructions, images, and client files

What We Do With That Information

All data regarding traffic to our website is given in generic formats that leave out any specific contact information. We utilize this data as a marketing tool to help improve our website's standing in search engine results, but we do not reveal any client information in this data.

Any information we collect is used solely to execute and complete client projects. We reserve the right to use client email addresses to alert clients to project issues and order status. We do not sell any client information to third-party buyers.

Giving You Access To Your Information And Allowing Corrections

If you see information on our website pertaining to you or your company that you feel is inaccurate, then contact us to start the correction process. We reserve the right to verify your identity to process correction requests, and we reserve the right to deny requests from parties who do not provide the necessary verification information.

Our Contact Information

You can contact us by utilizing our online contact form, or call us at our phone number that is posted throughout the website.