Terms & Conditions

Following Terms and Conditions may undergo changes from time to time with no prior intimation.

Terms to Use Website

Xhtmlcssexpert along with its parent company Infodreamz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. may offer and promote services other than that are mentioned on the website. Those services may be directed under different Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Service Usage

XHTMLCSSExpert offers flat rate on front-end development projects from new clients. The services available on our Services Page have fixed rates. However, they may vary depending on the complexity of projects and the expertise needed to do it.

For the further changes or improvements to be done after the project commencement, we would hold the rights to revise our pricing. Also, we reserve the right to refuse working on a project, make revisions in the job quote or refund the portion of paid amount if it exceeds the amount required for actual work done.

Working Hours

Our Development Team works 10:00am - 7:00pm IST

And our Development Consultants and Live Chat Support are available from Monday-Friday during 10:00am - 7:00pm IST

Delivery Time

Turnaround time would depend on the complexity and specifications of each project. However, we assure standard turnaround time for all the tasks. For example - 6 working hours for the initial page of non-responsive HTML/CSS layout, and 9 working hours for the page of responsive layout. While each additional page requires 3 to 4 hours, that too varies as per the complexity and specifications of the project.

The project would be started as per the date provided by the project manager. The delivery timeline would take effect if the project and order details have been agreed and accepted by both the parties and the payment has been done. The estimated timelines for the projects to be developed on JavaScript, CMS, etc. would be provided once the investigation of the designs and requirements is done.


There are default acceptance criteria applicable to all projects and all stages of every project. A delivery would be considered to be accepted in case:

  • The client approves the delivery in order thread
  • There isn't any feedback or change request received from the client within 2 weeks for markup project and within a month for CMS integration/development projects.
  • A request has been received from the client to proceed with the next stage of his project that could be the next batch of JavaScript functionality, HTML/CSS coding, CMS development, and delivery of the theme files in a zip archive or deployment of the theme to an external server.

After-Delivery Support

If there are any fixes required to be done, XHTMLCSSExpert would do it for free if the project is yet to accept as per the acceptance criteria mentioned above.

Paid updates would be available if requested.

Any improvement in the accepted implementation or development projects delivered over a month prior to the request would ask for a deposit of $300. It will include 8 work-hours of project manager and /or project developer, and will valid only for the next one month or 30 days.

Refund Policy

  • Complete refund will be accepted in case of any of the below reasons:
    • If the client's project cannot be completed
    • If the client requests project cancellation before the start of development
  • Partial refund will be accepted in case of below reasons:
    • If the client reasonably shows dissatisfaction regarding the quality of any service by offering an acceptable proof or explanation of the matter
    • In case, the client won't show satisfaction upon a review on our test server regarding the product.

The refund amount would be issued only after the confirmation from both the parties, and upon the clearance of each detail related to that refund. However, some minor errors are considered to be acceptable, and would not levy any kind of refund.


Payments will be accepted in advance, on the very day when the project order is created. Refunds are provided considering certain circumstances. The provision for refund would be undertaken as it is mentioned in Refund Policy section above.

For the cases, where there is an arrangement for post-payment available, the client would have to pay the amount that is agreed-upon for the services, by confirming the project order.

Terms And Conditions For Content

XHTMLCSSExpert reserves the right to refuse working on a particular project without offering any justification therefore. We shouldn't be expected to provide services for the content which is illegal, offensive or defames public interest, or the content that contains illicit or infringing material.

The Client would be considered to be sole responsible for provision, exploitation, maintenance as well as use of all the content, shared by him. It may include, but not limited to, matters associated with:

  • Any correspondence of Client's content related to provisions of laws for copyright protection of all the applicable jurisdictions
  • Any claim about the provided content
  • Immediate reaction on the notices to Client (or to associated people) by any person, claiming that Client's content infringes the rights of any particular individual.

The Client will have to settle the charges. Also, he will have to protect Infodreamz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with its affiliates, subsidiaries and other related companies from any losses, obligations, claims, other liabilities, etc. related to the foregoing.

Consent To Recording Of Conversations

We hold the right to record any conversation between the client and any representative of Infodreamz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for quality assurance. However, if the particular client isn't comfortable with the process, he or she can inform the representative regarding the same.

Continued participation of any client in conversations without expressing any consent on recording the conversation would be considered as client's approval on conversation recording.

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