There are many things that should be avoided while designing the website navigation. While, there are several good things to consider in order to stay up to the current requirements of modern consumers.

Let’s go one by one through the things that have proved good, rather best in website navigation –

Fixed Navigation Bars – Sticky navigations that are locked in a place offer best accessibility as visitors could see it on that very place even if they jump on any internal page or scroll up or down throughout the website. User doesn’t have to go back up when he needs to use the bar again. This ensures easy accessibility, hence, offers wonderful user experience. Read More

There is a long list of ‘Bad Practices’ that should be avoided when it comes to designing website navigation. Hence, bringing this sequel of ‘The Bad in Website Navigation That You Should Avoid – I’ as it’s required considering all that is bad, in order to have all that is perfect. Read More

Website works best when it offers great user experience. Among various factors that are responsible for better user experience, website navigation is the foremost, so is the website design.

Bad website navigation would put you in different complications – right from lower website traffic to devastating bounce rates affecting search engine rankings. This all is obviously because of poor ‘User Experience’. Read More

Promoting business and services or products through email marketing has become the foremost marketing strategy for different establishments. Seeing its direct reach to the target customers’ computer devices, it is gaining tremendous recognition across the marketing industry.

However, there is a big hitch in this pattern of marketing that not every email template turns up to the expectation it had been sent with. So, there has come up the trend of developing effective email templates. What these effective email templates are all about??? Must they have well-ordered structure and appealing design & content? Read More

When it comes to promoting business and services or products, it’s obvious to go with the best and most creative ways to attract the target audiences. With the advent of online promotion, email marketing has made its major mark on the front line. For various businesses, email campaign is the most convenient way to establish an effective, result-oriented communication with targeted customers. So, there has been a tremendous improvement in its structures and patterns of email templates. Read More